Reinstall MacOs

macos recovery options

For a reason or an other, you may want to reinstall MacOs, maybe you changed your drive or you bricked your device, in any case here is a little post about how to reinstall MacOs and debug steps if it fails. The easy task that may save you a reset An easy task that resolves […]

Unlock LUKS partition on boot with a USB


Generating the passphrase (Keyfile) We need to generate the password or keyfile that can unlock your LUKS partition, this « password » will then be a way to unlock your LUKS partition. To create it we can use the following command. You then need to create a LUKS partition using GUI, or using command line with the […]

Move the EFI boot partition on Windows


If you installed a new disk to your Windows computer and want to move the boot partition to this new one, you may want to stick with the following instructions. Start the command prompt cmd.exe as administrator Type and start diskpart Find the disk you want to use with list disk Select that disk with select disk List […]

Remove Snap package manager


Maybe you just installed Ubuntu and don’t want to use the Snap application format or maybe you needed some Snap packages but not anymore and you want to get rid of the Snap processes and folders. What is Snap ? Snap is package type just like Flatpack or Appimage, it is used to ship software […]

Crowdsec – Collaborative Security


Crowdsec is a relatively new tool in the security world, it’s an Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), it allow the detection of threats and the adding of necessary firewall rules if needed. Crowdsec differs from other IPS because of the collaboration aspect. It also offer an on-premise or cloud dashboard. You may have heard, or used […]

DoT on pfSense (DNS over TLS)

An other step towards internet privacy & security. Quick recap about DNS and encrypted internet traffic. Domain Name Service (DNS) acts like a phone book, but instead of linking a phone number to a person, it links an IP address to a domain name. It’s like a huge registry remembering entries for IP/domain name association. […]

Linux Gaming & How To

The state of Linux Gaming With the growing community of Linux gamers, the attention on Linux gaming is improving, a lot. Especially this year with the announcement of the Steam Deck (A Linux-based, switch like sized, mini PC), the Linux market share has never been that populated. 1% of market share may not seem that […]

Host a Tor Bridge

First, What is tor ? Tor, short for The Onion Router, is free and open-source software for enabling anonymous communication. It directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer overlay network, consisting of more than six thousand relays, for concealing a user’s location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. Using Tor […]

Manage temperatures & fans on Linux

If you are here, you may had problems to manage your fans speed or check your temps on Linux. Fortunately there are some tools to help you with that, one of the most known is lm-sensors, it provide a tool for GNU/Linux systems to monitor and handle temperatures, tensions, fan speed & moisture levels. The […]

Faster file transfer on Windows | Robocopy

In Windows, when you want to transfer files from a place to another you usually use the standard Copy/Paste/Move process, but it comes with a downside, it only use one thread on your system which is insane on an recent operating system, now mainly used on multi-threaded systems. Depending on your system, the read/write performance […]