Install / Recover Iomega ix4-200d firmware

You may have accidentally erased your whole NAS drives or just been a victim of a software bug, but for a  reason or another your Iomega NAS may have lost his firmware. On theses devices, the firmware is located on the installed drives, not in an integrated flash memory on the device, so if you […]

Nextcloud Cron Setup

You may have encountered the following warning after a Nextcloud install or you may even never seen it but Nextcloud need to execute some background tasks regularly to insure it’s good working condition. Some cleanups need to be executed on a daily basis. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check your Nextcloud application […]

Deploy Windows updates with WSUS

In this article we are gonna setup a WSUS server to manage & accelerate the update process of Windows based computers. What is a WSUS Server ? WSUS stand for “Windows Server Update Services”, it allows the centralization of Windows updates for an organization by downloading every selected updates from Microsoft on a local server, […]

Fixing Broken Nextcloud – MariaDB 10.X Upgrade

As a classic HomeLab enjoyer I self-host most of the stuff I use daily. But few days ago while maintaining my Nextcloud instance, I updated Nextcloud & MariaDB to catch up on the latest patches. Unfortunately, my docker install was unable to start properly again and I was greeted by the following error : So […]