Maybe you just installed Ubuntu and don’t want to use the Snap application format or maybe you needed some Snap packages but not anymore and you want to get rid of the Snap processes and folders.

What is Snap ?

Snap is package type just like Flatpack or Appimage, it is used to ship software and it is cross-compatible with other Linux distros as well. It has been pushed forward by Canonical, the company that mainly develop Ubuntu but it also suffer from a really bad reputation.

How to delete Snap ?

Here is a small guide to delete and purge Snap from your system.

sudo systemctl stop snapd && sudo systemctl disable snapd
Stop the snapd service running on your system
sudo apt purge snapd
Remove and purge snapd from your system
sudo rm -rf /snap /var/snap /var/lib/snapd /var/cache/snapd /usr/lib/snapd /root/snap ~/snap
Remove no longer needed snap related folders

The automated way

Alternatively, you can use a script like this kind of script automate the whole process and remplace every Snap package you previously had installed by it’s Flatpack version.

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