Move the EFI boot partition on Windows


If you installed a new disk to your Windows computer and want to move the boot partition to this new one, you may want to stick with the following instructions. Start the command prompt cmd.exe as administrator Type and start diskpart Find the disk you want to use with list disk Select that disk with select disk List […]

Crowdsec – Collaborative Security


Crowdsec is a relatively new tool in the security world, it’s an Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), it allow the detection of threats and the adding of necessary firewall rules if needed. Crowdsec differs from other IPS because of the collaboration aspect. It also offer an on-premise or cloud dashboard. You may have heard, or used […]

Faster file transfer on Windows | Robocopy

In Windows, when you want to transfer files from a place to another you usually use the standard Copy/Paste/Move process, but it comes with a downside, it only use one thread on your system which is insane on an recent operating system, now mainly used on multi-threaded systems. Depending on your system, the read/write performance […]

Deploy Windows updates with WSUS

In this article we are gonna setup a WSUS server to manage & accelerate the update process of Windows based computers. What is a WSUS Server ? WSUS stand for “Windows Server Update Services”, it allows the centralization of Windows updates for an organization by downloading every selected updates from Microsoft on a local server, […]