Reinstall MacOs

macos recovery options

For a reason or an other, you may want to reinstall MacOs, maybe you changed your drive or you bricked your device, in any case here is a little post about how to reinstall MacOs and debug steps if it fails. The easy task that may save you a reset An easy task that resolves […]

Linux Gaming & How To

The state of Linux Gaming With the growing community of Linux gamers, the attention on Linux gaming is improving, a lot. Especially this year with the announcement of the Steam Deck (A Linux-based, switch like sized, mini PC), the Linux market share has never been that populated. 1% of market share may not seem that […]

Manage temperatures & fans on Linux

If you are here, you may had problems to manage your fans speed or check your temps on Linux. Fortunately there are some tools to help you with that, one of the most known is lm-sensors, it provide a tool for GNU/Linux systems to monitor and handle temperatures, tensions, fan speed & moisture levels. The […]

Install / Recover Iomega ix4-200d firmware

You may have accidentally erased your whole NAS drives or just been a victim of a software bug, but for a  reason or another your Iomega NAS may have lost his firmware. On theses devices, the firmware is located on the installed drives, not in an integrated flash memory on the device, so if you […]